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English Conversation Club podcast

Business English with Christina, by Christina Rebuffet

Who would you be if you dared to speak up in English? Let’s find out! The English Conversation Club Podcast features authentic conversations in real-life English on topics handpicked for international professionals.  Listen to our lively team of business English coaches discuss topics like productivity, business trends, success, work-life balance and more.  And if you want to practice speaking English? Meet us at our English Conversation Club to for small group discussions with international professionals in a judgment-free zone. Feeling shy? Feeling nervous--this is for you! For details, go to https://mybusinessenglishcourses.com/english-conversation-club

Whether you need English when you travel, to answer the phone at work, or give presentations, this is for you.


  • productivity less important 
  • “Different cultures” more important 
  • “Topics like business trends, success and work-life balance but also cultural differences and social topics.”

Previous version:

Learn to speak English fluently, faster in the English Conversation Club. This podcast is one of the resources that you use to become more confident understanding and speaking English in our English Conversation Club. The English Conversation Club is the best way to become fluent speaking English. It combines vocabulary, listening comprehension, ECC Leader support, and speaking practice. Our members are professionals from around the world who are becoming more confident in English, just like you. Come for the English practice, stay for the community. For details, go to https://mybusinessenglishcourses.com/english-conversation-club

The new one should be about the same length, but if you have fresh ideas based on customer intel, that would be great! Thanks!