English Conversation Club podcast

[Part 2: Vocabulary] Introducing Lyndsie

May 20, 2023 Business English with Christina, by Christina Rebuffet
English Conversation Club podcast
[Part 2: Vocabulary] Introducing Lyndsie
Show Notes

In this episode, Christina and Fluency Club Leader Lyndsie talk about useful English vocabulary of the week: 

  • To get into (a field / a career) means to enter or pursue a particular industry or profession. It refers to the process of starting or developing a career in a specific area of interest or expertise.
  • To work from home is a more casual way to describe the act of working remotely, specifically from one's residence. It refers to conducting work-related activities without being physically present in a traditional office setting.
  • Word of mouth refers to the spread of information, recommendations, or opinions about someone or something through informal communication between individuals. It implies that people are sharing their experiences or opinions about a person or business based on personal interactions or knowledge, rather than formal advertising or promotion.

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