English Conversation Club podcast

Funny misunderstandings in a foreign language

June 02, 2023 Business English with Christina, by Christina Rebuffet
English Conversation Club podcast
Funny misunderstandings in a foreign language
Show Notes

Welcome to the Faster Fluency Conversation Club Podcast: the business English podcast that gets you conversation-ready. 

In today’s episode, you’ll hear from Christina and Janeen…about funny language confusion stories.

Most of us have a language confusion story.
When you speak more than one language, travel a bit, and work in an international environment…language mixups happen!

But, those stories don’t have to be stressful. In fact, they can be really funny (especially when you have the right people to laugh with you!

In today’s podcast, you’ll hear Christina’s own language confusion story as she tells it to Janeen--one of our expert Business Coaches, who also lives in France and speaks more than one language.

Here’s the beginning of Christina’s story:
So, we were in this restaurant with Roman, who happens to be my French ex-husband. The waiter comes over to our table and takes our drink orders. I say, "I'll have a glass of water…”
Roman thought he asked for exactly the same thing. I thought so too…

Want to find out what the waiter thought Roman ordered?
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