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Do you eat to stay healthy?

July 14, 2023 Business English with Christina, by Christina Rebuffet
English Conversation Club podcast
Do you eat to stay healthy?
Show Notes

Welcome to the Faster Fluency Conversation Club Podcast: the business English podcast that gets you conversation-ready.

In today’s episode, you’ll hear from Christina on the topic of eating to stay healthy. As you may know, food is a go-to topic if you’re hoping to start a friendly small-talk conversation.

Are you a food lover? Are you interested in eating well for good health?

Join Christina for today’s podcast episode. This episode is packed with great new food-related expressions (just like a great meal is packed with vitamins!).

1️⃣  Hear Christina’s story about the kinds of foods she grew up eating in Mississippi and how her diet has changed since moving to France.
2️⃣  What’s on Christina’s plate for dinner these days?
3️⃣  And a few of her favorite, tasty, and fun strategies for planning her meals with health in mind.

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